The mission of AT The Bus is to support the education, health and wellbeing of children and young people in school by providing therapeutic intervention using art, in a specially converted double-decker bus, parked on school grounds, accessible throughout the school day.

Values and Objectives

  • Space

    We create a welcoming, structured environment. The studio is carefully organised into three areas; for talking, making artworks and sharing food. Our work requires a safe, inspiring and consistent setting. Attention to detail in the therapeutic and educational space is an essential part of our practice.
  • Groups

    We work in groups to help build understanding of self and others. Relationships and peer support are central to the development of social skills and resilience. Our sessions empower students to experiment, to experience recognition for their achievements and to find their voice. We are committed to working in teams so that the benefits of group interaction inform our own practice.
  • Transformation

    We transform everyday objects into individual works of art. Making something beautiful out of something previously considered ordinary helps students to expand their horizon of the possible, to reimagine their world and to grow through creativity and self-expression. We recycle second-hand items to encourage care for the environment.
  • Learning

    We inspire students to engage with their education. Themed projects and discussion encourage curiosity about a broad curriculum, while offering opportunities for all students to enjoy success in school. Alongside this, students develop confidence, independence and life skills through experience and through the modelling of AT The Bus facilitators.


We work in partnership with schools and other professionals in the best interests of our students.  We aim to cultivate a systemic approach in consultation and collaboration with key partners and the wider community.