This gallery section opened in October 2019 to celebrate the work created by AT The Bus students. We update projects regularly here and show before and after images to celebrate transformations.

The gallery has grown to encompass a variety of work in different exhibitions - not least that created during Lockdown - including the Lockdown Art Gallery and the Make a Face Gallery in which works were created, not just by students of AT The Bus, but by anyone who wanted to use their imagination at home or outside to make art.

  • A Gallery to Celebrate the Transformation of a Table

    A Gallery to Celebrate the Transformation of a Table

    Take a plain wooden table and transform it into the backdrop for a story. The decoration for this table was inspired by the landscape and narrative of the book Handa's Surprise by author and illustrator Eileen Browne, published by Walker Books. This work was created by Lois and it will be installed in our bus to inspire our students and supporters.

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  • Make a Face Gallery

    Make a Face Gallery

    We asked you to make faces out of things you could find or see around you. A plate for a face, with a banana smile and buttons for eyes and it's done! A pattern in the grain of a table. Eyes, nose and mouth in a tree trunk. We figured you didn't need paper and paints to create something wonderful, sometimes the art is right there in front of you. This gallery shows what you made and what you saw. Faces are all around. Look closely and you might just find a Mona Lisa. You are BRILLIANT!

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  • Lockdown Art Gallery

    Lockdown Art Gallery

    We invite you to take inspiration from the worksheets on our Art Projects page. Use your imagination (and your recycling) to create works of art while you are at home. Lots of people have shared what they have made with us.

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  • Animals in their habitat and Underwater themes

    Animals in their habitat and Underwater themes

    Students have been inspired by some great books to create images of animals on land and sea on a variety of surfaces.

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  • Decorating a clock face

    Decorating a clock face

    Geometric clock shapes are decorated in this powerfully expressive practice.

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  • Transforming a teapot

    Transforming a teapot

    A teapot re-imagined as an elephant...

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  • Transforming everyday objects

    Transforming everyday objects

    A dustpan becomes a space for an octopus, a chopping board becomes a face, shoes are an artist's canvas, a teapot becomes an elephant, a wooden chair and a vase are transformed by self-portraits, and ceramic pot lids pay homage to Picasso.

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Latest Work

We began working with our students in October and as we approach the end of term we show examples of the work they have created during their time with us.