Susie Lawson

April 18, 2019

Susie Lawson is co-founder of Branch Arts, a UK-based company initiating creative partnerships and strategic communications across the visual arts. Utilising long-standing connections with specialists in the arts community as well as with cultural organisations, Branch Arts works with hundreds of artists world-wide, businesses, brands, arts commentators and individuals. Susie is a highly experienced arts publicist formerly at the Royal Academy (RA) and The Photographers’ Gallery (TPG). Recent campaigns include the successful launch and subsequent campaigns for Frieze Masters, the London Original Print Fair at the RA and initiating LiveFridays at the Ashmolean. Susie’s diverse career also included the running of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music from 2005-2007. As a passionate believer in the therapeutic benefits of art practice, Susie worked previously at The Art Room and is a firm believer that AT The Bus has an important role to make in supporting the mental wellbeing of young people.

“As a Trustee, I am looking forward to marrying my professional experience and contacts in the art world with my personal belief that art offers an important therapeutic intervention for young people at a crucial time of their lives. Having worked with some of the leading arts organisations and charities over 20 years I hope to be able to encourage outreach partnerships and work with the AT The Bus team to improve the self-esteem and wellbeing of everyone who we work with.”