The Beattie Methodology was devised by Juli Beattie as a way of using art to support and enable young people with complex needs to raise their self-esteem and build their self-confidence, resilience and independence. 

Art provides a vehicle for self-expression and the exploration of creative possibilities. We provide a clear, contained therapeutic space each week for young people to create and express their ideas and feelings through art.

Using art as therapy, everyday objects are transformed into works of art in a specially designed art studio. Art is used as the medium for this expression, and also as the representation of achievement.

A handbook for the methodology is in development and will be available in 2020.

Dr Juli Beattie OBE

As Founder Director of The Art Room charity from its inception in 2002, Juli worked to establish, develop and share the methodology over 15 years, together with her team and other professionals. She was awarded an OBE and an Honorary Doctorate from Bath Spa University in 2015 in recognition of her work. After stepping down from her role as Director, Juli sought to establish a mobile provision for the methodology to reach more young people. AT The Bus provides a vehicle for this work to develop.

The Methodology focuses on transformation

Working in small groups is fundamental, as is the calm, purposeful and creative environment

Every child and young person matters and deserves the opportunity to find their voice

Everyone is treated with respect, fairness, dignity and acceptance

Each student is encouraged to express themselves and to share ideas, successes and challenges

Students recognise that other people also experience challenges. As a facilitated group, students are enabled to build resilience and to support each other

Projects are devised on the theme of transformation; using everyday objects such as clocks, boxes, pots, canvases, plates and chopping boards. The emphasis is on transforming and exploring creative possibilities.